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Los saludo, Soy Juliano. Nosotros somos los Arcturianos.

Estoy convencido de que existe un sentimiento de gran expectativa en el planeta pues, la gente ansía cambios y novedades. Pareciera que la conciencia grupal planetaria estuviera imbuida de la conciencia de mucha gente. El nivel de conciencia y la capacidad de grupo vinculadas han crecido sustancialmente durante los últimos años, por lo tanto estarán en condiciones de lograr cambios a través de comunicaciones telepáticas con otras personas.

Existe un nivel de la conciencia planetaria que se encarga de responder información a personas como ustedes, que envían vibraciones de alta frecuencia. Cuando hablamos de Conciencia Planetaria nos referimos al Logos Planetario.

Los grandes Maestros Ascendidos supervisan permanentemente al planeta. Los Maestros Americanos Nativos también se refieren al planeta como la Madre Tierra. El tema de la Madre Tierra es una excelente oportunidad para enfocar sus capacidades para influir en el resultado final del proceso planetario, que incluye los acontecimientos políticos, económicos, sociales y culturales. Recuerden que, los hechos, que ocurran en el planeta, sucederán en forma vertiginosa, con mayor frecuencia e intensidad.

Se ha generado una expectativa de que este cambio beneficie a todos. Se ha generado una expectativa de que la conciencia planetaria ( de la cual me referiré ahora como la Madre Tierra) puede recibir influencias por parte de ustedes y de todos los que quieren ver una evolución favorable.


A través de David Miller

Publicado 18th September 2011 por Shanti

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La Toma de Tierra te transmite una sensación de Seguridad y Estabilidad.

Tienes un hogar y sabes a donde perteneces.

Por eso es posible para ti desarrollarte claramente.

Este Código de Activación establece una profunda conexión entre ti y la Tierra.

Estás profundamente conectado con la Dimensión en la que estás.

Transmitido el 01.06.1997 en Winterbourne Basset, Wiltshire

Publicado 18th September 2011 por Shanti

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Saul January-24-2014 Spanish - YouTube


Love connects you in a harmonious and eternal concatenation of links that bring you together in joyous and everlasting communion.

01/24/2014 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms all is ready for your awakening. On Earth you could expect a feast, fireworks, and great music to celebrate a momentous occasion such as this, except such an occasion has never before occurred. What we have prepared to greet your arrival is far, far grander than anything you have ever experienced or even dreamed of during any of your earthly lives. You will all experience an absolute abundance of amazing enjoyments as we rise to greet you and offer you presents chosen specifically to resonate with your most deeply cherished individual desires.

Yes, all are One, but within that Oneness there are numerous individual aspects that enhance and entrance the One through their infinite selection of creative talents and possibilities. It is for each of those individual aspects of the One – each one of you – that these gifts have been most carefully chosen for their incomparable suitability. There will be no disappointments! All will receive gifts that absolutely amaze and delight them.

After all these apparent eons of pain, suffering, and betrayal the only appropriate reward, appreciation, or compensation that could in any way undo the ostensible damage inflicted, or bring into harmony and accord those who it seems have been relentlessly at war with each other for eons, will be the peace, the acceptance, the love, the awareness and the utter joy of the realization that it has all been unreal, an ongoing but unreal dream that has come to an end. The distrust, confusion, and resulting chaos of the illusion are finally over, finished, terminated, and Love, your true nature, now flows freely, constantly, and abundantly among you all who are and always will be God’s beloved children. You will realize the truth of your Oneness, your inseparability, as the Source field, Love, connects you in a harmonious and eternal concatenation of links that bring you together in joyous and everlasting communion.

God’s Will for you, for every single one of his beloved children, is eternal joy, and so He created that state and placed you within it. You chose to leave and set up an alternate environment, an illusory one, where you could play at being independent individual beings who could provide easily and instantly for all your desires. Those desires became needs – in Reality there are no needs, everything you could ever desire is instantly yours – needs that you could no longer satisfy because you had detached yourselves from the energy field of creation, from your Source. Disappointment, rage, and fear replaced the experience of peace and harmony that God had created for you, and you engaged in conflict and deceit to try and steal from one another those things or items that you valued and did not have. And now you are in the last moments of that intense and unreal collective experience as you realize that none of your systems, organizations, or technologies as they now stand can resolve the conflicts and chaos that they appear to have generated everywhere on Earth.

You are ready for change, enormous change, because only enormous change can resolve the issues and problems that you have brought upon yourselves. And for enormous change to occur you need help from those in other realms who have themselves learned that Love, and only Love can bring the peace and tranquility that all truly desire. Until now that help was unavailable because it would have interfered with your freely chosen decision to “go it alone,” to sort out your issues and problems on your own without interference or assistance from God, or from any of the myriad other realms of His divine creation who were ready, willing, and able to help as soon as you to chose to ask.

You have finally made the collective decision to seek assistance from your wiser and elder brothers and sisters who have watched over you lovingly for eons waiting for the moment when you would seek their help. We have observed your pain, your suffering, your misery, but until now we have been powerless to help you because it was not your collective intent to be helped. That collective intent has changed, increasing numbers of you have called on us for assistance, and that assistance is now at hand.

When you make your regular visits to your quiet inner space from which you can reach out to us and into which we can pour our love for you, just open your hearts and release all the preconceptions that you may have as to what needs to be done to “turn the ship around.”

A very large number of your human cultural preconceptions, beliefs, and perceptions are far too prejudicial and inflexible to allow you to work harmoniously together for the good of all. But by opening your hearts to the divine field of Love that surrounds and envelops you, you allow the peace, the acceptance, and the forgiveness that flow from it to dissolve all the controversies and difficulties that have been dividing you against one another. You open yourselves to see with new eyes, and to engage with loving hearts so that all that has driven you apart into various warring factions is recognized as mere egoic nonsense, an insane need to be right and to prove others wrong.

What you will now discover, as you release all that egoic baggage, is that your aims are identical! You all desperately want to feel worthy, acceptable, and loved, and to know that you are – which is, of course, your natural and eternal state – but you thought that for that to happen you had to prove to yourselves and to God that you were better than others. You believed that there had to be winners and losers – and you were all terrified of being losers.

But your Father created only winners, and by opening your hearts to the Love that He constantly offers that will become increasingly apparent, and you will find yourselves most easily able to cooperate willingly, creatively, and harmoniously together as the differences and conflicting viewpoints that were always setting you against one another are seen to be completely unreal. You are all loving brothers and sisters, beloved children of God, who temporarily became lost and confused about your true status, and that sense of being lost, alone, even abandoned is dissolving rapidly as you once more become aware of who you truly are. There is absolutely no need for fear, doubt, or anxiety of any kind because soon you will awaken into everlasting joy as the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day bathes you in Its glorious Rays.

With so very much love, Saul.

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